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Johnny Bjelkaroy arrived in Madeira in 1983 as a young dentist. He still practice as a dentist in Funchal. Tourism was a hobby since 1996 when Casa das Videiras was restored.

The last 20 years we have been receiving paying guests in two houses and two apartments in the Old Town of Funchal. We have been trying to give the traditional Madeiran hospitality and have our guests to experience the marvel of the Nature, villages and towns of the island. With good help from the house keepers Natália, Filomena and Carolina, we try to give our visitors a restful, comfortable and unique experience in this fantastic subtropical island.

Casa das Videiras is in the village of Seixal, mid-way between Porto Moniz and São Vicente on the north coast of the island. This is a manor like beach cottage that can receive up to 8 persons.

Villa Echium is a villa with a subtropical garden in the sub urban site Garjau. It can receive up to 7 guests, enjoying being near Funchal but still in a quite relaxed atmosphere. It is fit for physically disabled.

The Old town apartments are one with 3 bed rooms, receiving up to 6 persons and another with 2 bed rooms, receiving up to 4 persons. Both with lifts and wheel chair access. The apartments are situated as central as you can get, walking distances from restaurants, markets, shopping, busses and cable car station.


Casa das Videiras

Old Town Central Ap. 1.11

Old Town Central Ap. 3.6

Dear Home! Thanks for giving us a rest, laugh, warm hand that special feeling that is so hard to find outside of your real home.